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At the dawn of the millennium, when social validation meant being in the top 8 of your BFF's Myspace page and dinosaurs roamed the earth, there lived a young lad by the name of, John Thibault, who was beginning his journey to be a Professional Body Piercer. The year was 2003, 20 years ago to be exact. A native of South Florida, at the time centrally located in the charming city of Jupiter.

John was first inspired into this field by early piercing pioneer, Renzo Cubas. Our Ol' Johnny-Boy, as happy as a clam, dove right in, he had finally found his calling, his passion, his purpose, he made it his personal duty to learn everything possible in this amazing field, his task set forth to become the best piercer he could possibly become.

  Some of his notable training includes attending conference with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in Las Vegas, where he's elected to take as many courses as possible to further his piercing knowledge. To this day, John stays adamant with keeping up to date with all piercing techniques & safety practices in order to provide each of his dear clients with a piercing experience that's par to none.

Some of John's notable specialties are ear curation projects; with the conch piercing being his personal favorite.

If you're unsure of what you're looking to get or what would work best, book a free consultation with John, as he loves making use of his vast wealth of knowledge in order to steer his clients towards the best outcomes possible for a new piercing or jewelry upgrade and is happy to answer any questions you may have during the "hole" process.

John is available for bookings, Wednesday - Saturday. 

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